Different types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV Surveillance plays a huge role in human security as well as securing of your property. All are experiencing large level of security threads every day. So to be safe and secure we forced to install security system all around to us to monitor the activity and for accountability. While dealing with CCTV system we have minimum understanding of CCTV systems and components. Here we trying to describe different types of CCTV camera using today.

Below are main  camera types used today.

  1. Dome camera

  2. Bullet camera.

  3. PTZ camera

  4. Day-night camera

  5. C mount camera

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are most commonly used camera today for for internal and external surveillance. It is difficult to identify the direction of the camera module. These cameras are very easy to install and maintain and it is having  from vandal-resistance features.

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are ideally used for outdoor purpose and this will support long distance video capturing. The shape of the camera is like a long cylindrical tube with plastic or metal body based on the requirement. These types of cameras having protective cover to support resistance to corrosion dust and physical damage. These cameras also support fixed and vary focal lenses.

PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) Camera

The main feature of this camera is to move left or right(paining) and up or down (tilting) and also which can zoom to the object.So to use this camera a guard or surveillance system operator is required. PTZ camera having optical zoom with high image quality and IR night vision for better and clear image capturing.



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