Video surveillance trends for 2020

There are many advanced features introduced in CCTV surveillance technology in recent years. Below are the latest trends in the CCTV surveillance system.

1) AI-based End-to-End Security Surveillance Solutions.

Artificial Intelligence has mostly adopted the system in every industry. This year and coming years CCTV industry will adopt AI for there video and security surveillance system for improving surveillance efficacy and security data analytics. In the future, most security cameras send the data they collect to servers to be analyzed. However, with edge-based AI, the data is analyzed by the camera first and subsequently sent to the server. This reduces the burden of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server, thereby increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing server costs typically required to analyze data.

2) Face recognition.

Face recognition is used to identify a human face through a surveillance camera and can easily identify the person. This technology can easily incorporate in a CCTV system for more accurate behavioral predictions and which can be used to analyze using AI systems for more insight into incidents. AI and face recognition together improve surveillance systems in modern-day security analytics in CCTV surveillance. IT also save money while comparing to physical interventions in surveillance data analytics.

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