SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network)

An SSL VPN is a type of remote access VPN solution used to encrypt traffic between remote client and VPN gateway. Normally SSL VPN uses SSL or TLS protocol for encrypting traffic. We can enable secure remote access VPN through web browser by enabling SSL VPN. SSL VPN protocol uses TLS for encrypting remote users data.

SSL VPN relay of TLS protocol to secure remote access. SSL VPN enables authenticated users to securely establish an internal HTTP or HTTPS connection.

There are two primary type of SSL VPN. SSL VPN Portal and SSL VPN tunnel.

An SSL portal VPN enables one SSL VPN connection at a time to remote websites. Remote users access the SSL VPN gateway with their web browser after they have been authenticated through a method supported by the gateway. Access is gained via a webpage that acts as a portal to other services.

An SSL tunnel VPN enables users to securely access multiple network services via standard web browsers, as well as other protocols and applications that are not web-based. The VPN tunnel is a circuit established between the remote user and the VPN server; the server can connect to one or more remote websites, network services or resources at a time on behalf of the client. The SSL tunnel VPN requires the web browser to handle active content and provide functionality that is not otherwise accessible through an SSL portal VPN.

Advantages of SSL VPN

  1. No need to install additional software for establish and SSLl vpn connection. It uses TLS protocol for establishing vpn connection.

  2. It requires a less administrative overhead as compared to traditional VPNs

  3. Users do not need any additional software needed for establishing a tunnel.

  4. Unlike other VPN such and L2TP operates in L2 layer and IPSec operates in L3 layer and need more networking meta data can be encrypting using when using tunnels, but SSL vpn operates on transport layer and need only application encryption while transmitting traffic

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